translocal geo-fencing for the trucking industry

Looking for Logistics employees or CDL TRUCK Drivers?

We can help you find qualified staff in local addressable locations using virtual candidate fencing!


"Imagine slapping a targeted 'virtual fence' around your competitors local businesses, vendor parking lots, truck stops, freight pickup locations and so much more, and target employees & CDL drivers with your hiring opportunities & applications!" - TALENThire

If they have a mobile phone, we can likely reach any candidate you are searching for!

we can create virtual fences around any addressable locations that target truck drivers, and other job seekers!

Target your candidates with location based job applications and pinpoint target audiences based on precise address areas.

Target candidates looking for careers as:

CDL Drivers, Dispatchers, Fleet Managers, Project Managers, Safety Managers, Shipping/Receiving Managers, Terminal Managers, Traffic/Logistics Managers, Warehouse Managers and so much more!

Target Buildings

Virtual Fence Buildings

Use Geofencing To Target Buildings, Nearby Traffic & Even Yourself For Customer Loyalty Marketing.

Target Events

Use Geofencing To Target Convention Centers, Stadiums, Trucking Events & Trade Shows.

Target Households

Use Geofencing To Target Candidate Households: 1,000 – 1,000,000 Addresses.

Target Competitors

Target other Retailers, Truck Stops or your Competitor Locations and Serve "Apply Now" Ads to Their Drivers.

other staffing agencies may give you resumes, but we deliver you qualified logistics employees & drivers. get started today!

Stop wasting your ad budget on classified ads, job boards, billboards and empty promises!

Take Action Now, Start Saving Money and Hire Qualified Drivers and

other employees!

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You now have direct access to find the right candidates for your hiring opportunities. LEverage over 600,000 apps in our inventory!

The Best Bang for Your Buck!

Create Targeted "Virtual Fences" Around Your Competitors and Their Customers.

Our Beacon Free geo fencing & applicant nurture and tracking technology allows companies to target people based on their physical activities and automatically follow-up with candidates to let them know a TALENThire team member will assist them on your behalf.

We can build your virtual geofences where your customers are, not where you want them to be. Whether it’s a particular event or a physical building you want geo fenced, this can be a powerful mechanism to serve job advertisements to qualified individuals based on their physical location.

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